Woolworths, Laborie, Paarl

Project: Woolworths Laborie, Paarl (Western Cape)

Main Contractor: Remey Construction

Contracts Manager or Remey: Charl Bruce

Supplier: Lafarge (Artevia)

Architects: R&L Architects

This floor was cast our experienced Concrete Placing and Finishing Team. The concrete was cast as a 60mm-80mm thick bonded overlay, on top of the existing concrete surface.

For diamond polished concrete to be successful, it is completely dependent on a the concrete, (designed mix and strength / Mpa) and cast by a qualified / experienced placing finishing team, (which was managed by our Cliffie Rademeyer). It is ultimately the concrete that forms the platform, that plays a major role determining the success of the polished concrete surface. The concrete was saw cut into approximately 2m x 2m panels.

The surface of the concrete was Diamond Grinded and Polished by our expert Grinding & Polishing Team, managed by Migal Purin and executed by our experienced team of Eric Johannes, Winston Hannond & Dries Mandla.


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