Vision, Mission & Goal


  •  To set the standard of excellence in our industry
  • To empower our staff to be the best at what they do
  • To strive for environmental consciousness


  • We will make CHC-SA the best ompany to work for
  • We will encourage our poeple to believe in themselves
  • We will encourage our people to believe in each other
  • We will train and equip our people in thier individual tasks
  • We will collaborate with other industry players, for the overall benefit of all


  • CHCSA shall be a profitable company not only for its directors, but also for thebenefit of its employees
  • We shall place concrete floors, superior in every aspect to that of our competitors
  • We shall polish concrete and become the market leader in our field
  • We shall build buildings of superior design and quality
  • We shall be innovative, offer solutions and never settle for the status quo
  • We shall build life-long relationships with our clients

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