Brand Transition

As you can see, Chris Howes Construction is undergoing a brand change. This strategic transition from the previous brand to the current CHC-SA brand sees the company enter into a new era of agile leadership and renewed focus.
By establishing a branch in Johannesburg which services Gauteng, North West, Mpumalanga and Kwazulu Natal, our staff can quickly and with increased support, supply the needs of the market. By maintain the head office and central management of the company in Port Elizabeth, the company remains strong and committed to that local market and their long-standing & loyal staff members.

With the new branding now evident at the Port Elizabeth premises, CHC offers a new sense of affiliation and development to staff. The sense of being part of a developing and growing brand reinforces belonging and the knowledge that the company is moving forward. Being part of the global market, with international competition increasing, CHC looks forward to continue it’s growth and commitment to the African market. Technologically, CHC is on a par with the best in the world and is constantly researching smarter ways of serving it’s market.











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