PT Pave

PT-Pave is a dynamic venture between Amsteele Systems and Chris Howes
Construction, aimed at providing a complete package/one-stop-shop for posttensioned
concrete pavements, also known as post-tensioned slab on grade.
Amsteele Systems’s beginnings date back to the late 1960’s, with CCL (SA)
being the forerunner for Amalgamated Prestressing, who merged with
Steeledale Systems in 2000 to form Amsteele Systems. Millions of square
meters of post-tensioned slabs and the majority of the major highway bridges
in South Africa, and beyond, have been prestressed using systems licensed to
Amsteele Systems and it’s predecessors. Amsteele Systems have built up a
reputation for excellence in the post tensioning industry and are market
leaders in this field in Southern Africa.
Founded in 1993, Chris Howes Construction (CHC) has become known for
delivering products and service of the highest quality. Identifying the niche of
concrete flooring within the construction industry CHC-SA has evolved as
national leaders in this field since 1993, delivering flooring solutions that are
recognised to be of the best quality on an international standard. Utilising
state-of-the-art equipment, maintaining constant supervision and on hand
labour, CHC-SA has achieved preferred supplier status among organisations
like MASS MART (Makro, Game & Builders Warehouse) and the JD Group.

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